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50 Cent’s X Hacked, $300M Cryptocurrency Scam Unveiled

50 Cent

Renowned musician Curtis James Jackson III, better known as “50 Cent,” has claimed that hackers using his X account and website pushed a cryptocurrency pump-and-dump token that swindled $300 million from victims.

Also known as a “rug pull,” dishonest coders developed a new crypto token, “GUNIT,” attracted additional investors, raised the price using 50 Cent’s huge X following—oover 12.9 million followers—tthen drained its worth, and the token’s price dropped to $0.00016.

50 Cent posted to his 32.8 million Instagram followers on June 21 stating that his X account and website had been hacked and also noting that a large sum of the victim’s money had been taken from the project.

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Twitter locked my account back down fast.” 50 Cent added, “Whoever did this made $300,000,000 in 30 minutes, no association with this crypto.”

He uploaded three pictures of posts from other members of the cryptocurrency community debating the memecoin $GUNIT, accompanied by charts displaying a normal rugpull pattern with a clear price surge followed by a dramatic fall.

The news follows a pattern of celebrities connected to bitcoin introductions lately.


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