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Another Crypto Platform Suffers Hack, Altcoin Price Plummets

Curve Finance Hacked

Another crypto platform has informed its users that they have experienced a hack incident. An altcoin was affected as a result of the incident.

Popular crypto portfolio tracking app CoinStats has reported a security breach. The breach impacted wallets created directly within the CoinStats app, and some iOS users received phishing notifications.

According to the company, approximately 1.3% of CoinStats wallets were affected, representing a total of 1,590 wallets. Users are being asked to immediately use their exported private keys to transfer funds as a precaution.

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In the hack incident, a wallet belonging to Blurr.eth was compromised. The hacker managed to steal 3,657 MKR worth $8.7 million and sold it for 2,482 ETH on-chain.

-This theft had a significant impact on the market and caused the price of the MKR altcoin to drop from $2.462 to $2.280, representing a 7% drop in the short term.

Despite the partial recovery following the sudden drop, the MKR price has not been able to reach its pre-hack level. At the time of writing, the MKR price is trading at $2.390.

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