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Arkham Intelligence to Launch Paid Features in 2023

Arkham Intelligence Miguel Morel

Though he plans to keep the basic product free, Arkham Intelligence CEO Miguel Morel says he expects the blockchain data platform will start providing paid capabilities at some point this year.

“I could have turned on the monetization months ago. And we’ve chosen not to because we feel there are more people out there who could continue to benefit from our services,Morel said this in an interview at ETHCC. Morel said he approximates later this year when asked when this will happen. He explained that reaching the appropriate level of development before doing so is the main objective.

“From a vision perspective, I want the main pillars of Arkham to be free. Forever being able to look at entities, being able to do search, being able to look at people’s portfolios, stuff like that. I want that to be free forever,” Morel remarked. He also mentioned that although items like the API or its visualization or tracer tools are not required components of the solution, the corporation could charge for access in these areas going forward.

Morel pointed out that the platform is getting ready to accommodate the TON blockchain, which ought to launch about two weeks from now. Solana is also getting support on the platform; he projected it should be ready by the end of August. Although he said integrating Solana would cost the platform $1 million a year, he pointed out that the business was given a grant to help with this.

Morel said there is no good block explorer for the Solana blockchain, something even its most passionate fans agree upon, and advised that easier chain analysis could find newsworthy material.

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“Keep in mind, these chains are forever. So even if somebody did something like a while back, somebody could theoretically dig that up and see actually what went down,”

Recently, especially with analysts tracking the transfer of bitcoin by the German government and the Mt. Gox repayments, Arkham has seen a substantial increase in usage.

“We actually built something unique that’s got product market fit. And the more eyeballs and the more people who look at it, the more it spreads,”  Morel said.


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