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Arthur Hayes Announces He Will Buy Two Altcoins

Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes, who attracted great attention with his blog posts in the crypto world, started to take steps regarding the two cryptocurrencies he stated he would buy yesterday. Hayes, one of the founders and former CEO of the BitMEX exchange, thinks that the current situation offers a good buying opportunity, especially for altcoins.

Arthur Hayes announced in a tweet yesterday that he will buy Pendle and Dogecoin. According to the information provided by the on-chain data platform Lookonchain, one of Hayes’ wallets received 92,336 Pendles via Wintermute today.

Hayes sent $2 million USDC to Wintermute and received 280 ETH with $1 million of this fund and 92,336 Pendle with $554 thousand. However, it is currently unknown whether Hayes bought DOGE or not.

Arthur Hayes had previously praised the Pendle project many times and purchased the token of this project. Hayes used the Wintermute platform in these purchases. This shows Hayes’ trust in Pendle and his interest in this project.

Arthur Hayes’ US Inflation and Interest Forecasts

In his recent blog post, Hayes stated that the United States has failed to reduce inflation, but will still cut interest rates. “I predict prices will rise slowly and move between $60 and $70,000 by August,” Hayes said. He also said, “The bull market has woken up again.”

These moves by Arthur Hayes can create significant activity in the crypto market and be an inspiration for investors. Hayes’s interest in Pendle and Dogecoin in particular can be considered a positive sign for the future performance of these altcoins.

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