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Biden Plans to Work With Coinbase on Crypto Donations

Joe Biden, Phone

President Joe Biden‘s re-election campaign is reportedly in talks with industry players to potentially accept cryptocurrency donations via Coinbase Commerce. This initiative mirrors recent steps taken by Donald Trump’s campaign, which started accepting crypto contributions through the same platform last month.

These discussions indicate the Biden campaign’s efforts to appeal to crypto-focused voters, with the upcoming election expected to be closely contested. The move also aims to tap into funds from pro-crypto donors, reflecting a strategy to align with the interests of the cryptocurrency community.

Coinbase Commerce, a service enabling merchants to accept various cryptocurrencies, is at the center of this initiative. By considering crypto donations, the Biden campaign appears to be signaling its openness to the industry and its desire to demonstrate support for technological innovation and the crypto sector.

Sources involved in the discussions highlighted that the Biden team is keen on showing they are not adversaries to the crypto industry, seeking quick, impactful actions to convey their support.

The Biden campaign has not yet commented on these discussions publicly.

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