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Binance Delists Some Spot Trading Pairs

Binance , Delisting

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is making updates to some less-used trading pairs. The cryptocurrency exchange announced on its blog page that 3 spot transaction pairs will be removed from its platform. Binance included the following statements in its blog post:

Notification on Removal of Spot Trading Pairs – 2024-07-12

“With the Valuable Binance Tool,

To protect users and maintain a high-quality trading market, Binance regularly reviews all known spot trading pairs. As a result of this review, Binance may delist certain spot trading pairs due to factors such as poor liquidity and low trading volume.

Based on our latest evaluation, Binance will remove and halt trading on the following spot trading pairs:

12.07.2024 03:00 (UTC):


Please note that what is available:

– Delisting a spot transaction pair does not affect the availability of tokens on Binance Spot. Users can continue to trade the base and quotation assets of the listed canceled spot trading pairs on other available trading pairs on Binance.

– Binance will discontinue Spot Trading Bots services for such spot trading pairs as of 12.07.2024 03:00 (UTC), where applicable. To avoid potential loss, it is recommended to update and/or cancel Spot Trading Bots before the Spot Trading Bots become corrupted.”

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