% 4.11
BTC Dominance:
% 0.35
Market Cap:
$2.21 T
% 1.97
Fear & Greed:
33 / 100
$ 62.531
BTC Dominance:
% 53.6
Market Cap:
$2.21 T

Binance Launches Exclusive HODLer Airdrops for BNB Holders!


Binance is excited to announce the launch of HODLer Airdrops, a new program rewarding users who hold BNB. This exclusive initiative allows users who subscribe to Simple Earn products with BNB to receive airdropped tokens from promising upcoming projects listing on Binance.

This program reflects Binance’s commitment to fostering a healthy and sustainable crypto market. By supporting projects with strong fundamentals, large circulating supplies, and engaged communities, HODLer Airdrops benefit both users and these exciting new ventures.

How to Participate in HODLer Airdrops

Head to the Earn section on Binance and search for BNB.

Subscribe to Simple Earn products (Flexible or Locked) using your BNB holdings.

Stay tuned for announcements! Binance will announce upcoming HODLer Airdrops with details about the project and the airdrop date.

Reward Calculation & Distribution

To determine user rewards, Binance will take snapshots of user and pool balances in Simple Earn products (Flexible and Locked) at various times throughout the day.

These snapshots will be used along with historical snapshots taken at random intervals to calculate user rewards.

Eligible users will receive their airdropped tokens directly in their Spot Wallets within 24 hours of the official announcement.

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