% 0.31
BTC Domination:
% 0.34
% 4.05
ETH Domination:
% 0.47
Market Cap:
% 1.05
$ 51.748
BTC Domination:
% 50.8
Market Cap:
% 2,00

ByBit Launchpad 5ireChain Launch! Airdrop?

Update Date: 25 November 2023 12:08:37

5ireChain Launch on ByBit Launchpad! Get ready for the return of the Bybit Launchpad, this time with 5ire (5IRE), a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem designed for the 5th Industrial Revolution! Focused on economic and environmental sustainability, 5ire is ready to transform the way we interact with technology!

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The launch date of the project on the ByBit exchange’s launchpad is currently set for November 28. The 5ire token of the 5irechain project will be launched at 14:00 Turkish time. Stay tuned for more updates!

What is 5ireChain?

5ire was created with the aim of being the first blockchain ecosystem with net positive carbon emissions. The company believes that blockchain can be used to address significant issues such as sustainability, social responsibility, and inclusivity. 5ire consists of three main components:

5ireChain: The company’s own blockchain protocol, designed for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

5ire Foundation: The company’s non-profit sector works to support sustainability projects.

5ire Labs: The company’s tech department strives to develop innovative blockchain solutions.

5ire is a company committed to using blockchain technology to achieve a sustainable future. The company’s launch on the Bybit Launchpad could accelerate the adoption of 5ire by the global blockchain community.

We have prepared an article in which we covered the project review and airdrop topic before for you! For more information about the project and its possible airdrop:

New Layer 1 coming: What is 5ireChain (5IRE)? – Coin Engineer (

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