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BTC Domination:
% 0.13
% 0.10
ETH Domination:
% 0.31
Market Cap:
% 2.98
$ 44.427
BTC Domination:
% 52.8
Market Cap:
% 1,64

Justin Sun Offered Proposal to Hacker

Update Date: 21 November 2023 09:29:31

Justin Sun has identified the hacker who stole 114 million dollars from Poloniex and made an offer to them.

The cryptocurrency trading platform, Poloniex, confirmed who was responsible for stealing more than 110 million dollars from the platform. Users who are always anxious because of such activities have learned that the thief was determined by the Chinese, U.S., and Russian police, and the stolen funds were identified and could no longer be used.

The head of Poloniex, Justin Sun, made a statement regarding the situation, stating they would give the thief a 10 million-dollar white-hat hacker reward if the stolen amount is returned by November 25, 2023. He also stated that in the contrary case, police forces from many countries would be ready to take action.

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Previously, there were suspicions that North Korean hackers were behind the attack, which made the recovery efforts more complex. Poloniex announced to comfort its users that the services for deposit and withdrawal will continue in the upcoming week.

Justin Sun initially offered the thief 5% of the originally stolen amount. However, when the thief refused this offer, the proposal, along with its financial value, was increased to 11.4 million dollars. However, it’s worth noting that in such events, thieves are generally held legally accountable, even if they win the reward. They can be sentenced to imprisonment with severe charges in the court they will be brought up.

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