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Call of Duty Cheaters Targeted by Malware Stealing Bitcoin Wallets

Call Of Duty

In a concerning development, cybercriminals have reportedly unleashed malware aimed at gamers who cheat in Call of Duty, resulting in the loss of Bitcoin holdings for some players. According to reports from malware market observer @vxunderground, the malware has already affected a substantial number of players, with figures continuing to rise.

The malware not only targets cheaters but also impacts users who utilize gaming software for latency improvement, VPNs, and certain controller boosting software. The discovery of this malicious activity was initially made by Call of Duty cheat code provider “PhantomOverlay” after players reported unauthorized purchases. Other cheat providers, such as Elite PVPers, have also confirmed similar attacks.

The stolen data includes newly acquired credentials, with some victims reporting the depletion of their Electrum wallets. The exact amount of cryptocurrency stolen remains undisclosed at this time.

Activision Blizzard, the developer of Call of Duty, is reportedly collaborating with cheat code providers to assist affected players. The scope of compromised accounts is significant, encompassing over 3.6 million Battlenet accounts, 561,000 Activision accounts, and 117,000 Elite PVPers accounts.

However, PhantomOverlay has contested the reported number of hacked accounts, claiming it to be inflated in a recent Telegram broadcast message.

This incident is not the first time exploiters have targeted gamers. Similar instances occurred in 2018 and 2019, where purported cheats for popular games like Fortnite turned out to be malware aimed at stealing Bitcoin and blocking access to users’ computer data.

In summary, the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, emphasizing the importance of heightened cybersecurity measures for gamers and online communities.

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