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Cathie Wood to Support Cryptocurrency in US Presidential Election!

Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood, the CEO of ETF issuer Ark Invest, has revealed her choice for the upcoming US presidential election.

Recently, during a conference in Las Vegas hosted by financial content creator Kevin Paffrath, Wood announced that she will be casting her vote for former US President and likely Republican candidate, Donald Trump, in the November election.

Wood emphasized that her decision is primarily influenced by Trump’s pro-cryptocurrency stance.

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“As I’ve told my children… as I’ve told them, ‘Look, I’m going to vote for the person who will do the best for our economy.’ When it comes to the economy, I’m a voter. And on that basis, it’s Trump.”

Donald Trump has been one of the earliest candidates to spotlight cryptocurrencies in the presidential race. His statements about granting more freedom and opportunities to the crypto market have garnered significant attention from industry leaders.

Recently, the founders of the US-based cryptocurrency company Gemini, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, made headlines by announcing their donations to Trump’s presidential campaign.

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