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Coinbase Becomes First International Crypto Exchange Registered in Canada

Coinbase Quarter

Coinbase has achieved a significant milestone in its journey within Canada by obtaining registration as a Restricted Dealer from the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). This milestone marks Coinbase as the largest and first international cryptocurrency exchange to be registered in Canada.

The registration comes as a crucial step following Coinbase‘s formal launch in August 2023, underscoring its commitment to Canada as a priority market. The process leading to registration involved months of diligent effort, beginning in March 2023 with the signing of an Enhanced Pre-Registration Undertaking, demonstrating Coinbase’s dedication to regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

Throughout this journey, Coinbase has worked closely with Canadian regulators to help establish a policy framework that sets global standards. The collaboration extends to Canadian banks, investment advisors, and pension funds, showcasing Coinbase’s commitment to supporting their adaptation to the evolving digital asset landscape.

Coinbase believes that regulation of centralized crypto intermediaries is vital for fostering trust and driving innovation in the cryptocurrency market—an opinion shared by the majority of Canadians, according to a recent survey conducted in partnership with Angus Reid. The survey revealed that 72% of Canadians view regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges as important, with nearly a third expressing a likelihood to purchase cryptocurrency if the industry were more regulated.

Among those who have already invested in cryptocurrency, motivations vary, with nearly half driven by curiosity, 39% seeking diversification of investments, and over half aiming to generate profits from their investments. This data underscores the growing interest and diverse motivations within the Canadian market for engaging with digital assets.

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