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Coinbase Has Stopped Trading These Four Altcoins!

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Coinbase announced in a share that it has suspended buying and selling of ATA, DREP, MONA, and SYLO altcoins.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase made an important announcement to its users, temporarily suspending buying and selling transactions of ATA, DREP, MONA, and SYLO altcoins. It was stated that this decision was taken as a result of evaluations made on the infrastructure, and it was expressed that this measure was taken to ensure the security and protection of user assets.

Coinbase emphasized that necessary measures were taken to ensure that there was no asset loss for its users during this process, and that security measures were at the highest level. The platform stated that its technical team worked intensely to solve the problems and return the trading transactions to normal as soon as possible.


The announcement made by Coinbase from Twitter is as follows:

We regularly monitor the assets in our exchange to ensure they comply with our listing standards. According to recent reviews, we will suspend ATA, DREP, MONA, and SYLO trading at 14.00 ET or around on January 4, 2024.

(Simple and Advanced Trading), buy-sell transactions will be suspended on Coinbase Exchange and Coinbase Prime.

We have moved our ATA, DREP, MONA, and SYLO order books to pure limit mode. Limit orders can be given, can be canceled, and matches can be made.

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