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Cryptocurrency Statement Made by Hong Kong Officials

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Treasury Minister and Director of the Financial Services and Treasury Bureau made important statements about cryptocurrencies.

Speaking at the talk event titled “Hong Kong Opportunities” held on June 14, Paul Hui, Director of Hong Kong Financial Services and Treasury Bureau, emphasized that Hong Kong is in a unique position with both global and Chinese advantages. “Hong Kong is the only city with global and Chinese advantages,” Hui said.

Hui noted that Hong Kong is focusing on strategic areas such as green finance, family offices and crypto assets. He said this focus aims to help investors around the world better understand Hong Kong’s development areas.

Hong Kong Treasury Secretary Paul Chan stated that Hong Kong plays an “indispensable role” in this period of increasing global uncertainty. Chan emphasized that the city’s strategic focus on green finance, family offices and crypto assets is part of its efforts to attract overseas investment.

When asked how Hong Kong should attract overseas investment, Hui said: “We need to combine an effective government with an efficient market. “On this basis, we should strategically focus on specific areas to ensure that investors from around the world know which areas Hong Kong should focus on and where the opportunities lie,” he said.

According to officials, this strategic focus will position Hong Kong as a leading hub for green finance, family offices and virtual assets, offering attractive opportunities to global investors.

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