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Cryptocurrency War Between President Biden and Trump

Donald Trump

Former president Donald Trump, who is running against 46th president of the USA who Joe Biden, has stated that he will take a more optimistic approach to cryptocurrencies than Joe Biden.

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, has been making positive statements about cryptocurrencies. In a speech he made on his birthday, he stated that he would end cryptocurrency war between him and Biden by winning.

In addition, Trump said, “I will end this cryptocurrency war against Biden, we will ensure that Bitcoin and the development of cryptocurrencies are in the United States.” Make Florida center of cryptocurrency again!

Joe Biden was often criticized by Trump and other media organizations, economists, financiers about cryptocurrencies at the time. Trump also cited these criticisms as a source, emphasizing that USA should take the top spot in the cryptocurrency markets. In order for this to happen, he promised to make Florida center of cryptocurrency.

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