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Developers Introduce Donation Mechanism for Users to Claim ZRO Tokens

Layerzero Labs

In a unique move, developers of the LayerZero (ZRO) project have introduced a new claim mechanism known as Proof of Donation (PoD). This approach aims to raise funds for the Protocol Guild, a collective funding mechanism for Ethereum developers.

The LayerZero team has been instrumental in the growth of LayerZero and Ethereum, particularly in promoting the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Ethereum’s Layer 2-centric roadmap, and the broader crypto ecosystem.

The PoD mechanism allows users to claim ZRO, LayerZero’s native token, through a donation process. To claim ZRO, users must donate $0.10 USD worth of USDC, USDT, or native ETH per ZRO.

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The LayerZero Foundation has pledged to match all donations up to $10 million as a gesture of support.

The ZRO token began trading on spot markets today. Additionally, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, listed the altcoin for futures trading today. ZRO is currently trading at $3.

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