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EigenLayer Enhances Security for EigenDA with New Whitelist Feature


To fight Sybil and DDoS assaults, EigenLayer has added a new security tool on the Ethereum mainnet based on EigenDA data-availability service. This update ensures safe access by using either an IP address or Ethereum address Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) authentication, therefore strengthening security.

Improved Protection with ECDSA Verification

EigenDA now uses ECDSA authentication, a public-key cryptography based cryptographic technique. This approach provides strong protection against unwanted behavior by verifying user, device, or system identities using elliptic curve encryption. EigenLayer wants to guarantee its service with this additional safeguard while still allowing accessibility for every customer.

Flexible Solutions and Generous Free Tier

With a throughput of up to 768KB each 10-minute window, EigenDA’s present free tier is suitable for high-demand rollups like Base, which runs less than 2 blobs every 10 minutes. EigenDA also gives partners scalable solutions for some high-demand use cases and lets them request more throughput beyond the free tier.

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Interested parties may work with EigenDA to customize their data requirements by means of the partner registration page, therefore enabling a broad spectrum of applications needing high-throughput capabilities. On the mainnet, EigenDA produces synthetic loads of 0.6 MB/sec and reaches peak throughputs of up to 10 MB/sec.

Future Characteristics and Token Distribution Target Points

Designed to be launched at the end of the year, EigenLayer is working on delivering permissionless compensation for blob throughput on EigenDA. High throughput needs will be supported by this ability to reserve bandwidth at a set rate.

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The Eigen Foundation has also started the second part of the EIGEN stake decrease, thereby concluding Season 1. Comprising 6.7% of the allotted supply for stake drops, this step of the token distribution plan helps to fully distribute 113 million EIGEN tokens. Regarding the claimed tokens, they will be locked until Q3 2024; however, users can always stake and delegate using the EigenLayer web application.

Since the beginning of April 2024, EigenLayer, which works on the Ethereum mainnet, has received more than $12 billion in deposits. Thus, relying on a greater trust network, the platform opens the opportunities for new PoS solutions excluding the need in separate security mechanisms.

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