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Crypto Sector Sees Record $101.35B in Total Funding


Since the end of May 2014, bitcoin businesses have raised almost $100 billion.

Looking back, there have been highs and lows amid regulatory uncertainty and market volatility. Still, the previous four years have seen both floor and ceiling lifted despite ongoing peaks and valleys.

Data obtained from TVL aggregator DefiLlama reveals that the overall funding recorded for the cryptocurrency sector as of June 16, 2024, is $101.35 billion. Just five years after Bitcoin was founded (and still one year away from Ethereum’s debut), way back in May of 2014, the first month of cryptocurrency startup funding on record was for a somewhat meager $17.14 million.

Fast forward 10 years to May 2024, and industry funding hit $280.25 million for the month—notably greater than a decade ahead but well short of the previous month’s level of $777.11 million.

With around $7 billion raised in October 2021, cryptocurrency startup investment peaked. No other month comes close as February 2022’s $3.67 billion ranks the second biggest on record.

According to research as recent as 2023, investors in the United States account for almost half of all bitcoin funding. The rest is split up between a variety of countries, with the United Kingdom (7.7%) and Singapore (5.7%) holding second and third place, according to figures from Q2 of 2023.

Both concurrently. AI and cross-chain protocol Wormhole raised funding in the amount of $225 million in late 2023, while open-source cloud storage businesses Totter and Eigenlayer added $101 million and $100 million, respectively.

Further high value brings’s $110 million and Swan Bitcoin’s $165 million rise.

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