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FTX and Alameda Research Resume Selling Assets


Bankrupt crypto companies FTX and Alameda Research have been observed making altcoin sales from their wallets. Alameda transferred $3.6 million worth of crypto to exchanges, including $2.5 million in Ethereum to Coinbase.

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The two companies have sold a total of $713 million in crypto since October 2023. Despite the sales, FTX and Alameda still hold significant investment assets, totaling $1 billion. The future actions of these companies and their remaining assets are worth watching.


  • Alameda Research transferred 3.6 million USD worth of crypto to various exchanges, including Coinbase (2.5 million USD in ETH), FalconX, and Wintermute (1 million USD in TON).
  • FTX and Alameda have sold a total of 713 million USD worth of crypto since October 2023, including ETH, SOL, and AVAX.
  • The companies still hold significant investment assets, with FTX at 631 million USD and Alameda at 321 million USD, totaling 1 billion USD.
  • Notable assets held by FTX include FTT (448.64 million USD), TON (14.10 million USD), and BOBA (21.41 million USD).
  • The motivations behind these asset sales and future plans of the companies remain unclear.

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