% 5.78
BTC Dominance:
% 0.12
Market Cap:
$2.34 T
% 5.89
Fear & Greed:
52 / 100
$ 64.731
BTC Dominance:
% 53.7
Market Cap:
$2.34 T

Germany Continues to Sell Bitcoin: New Transfer of 5800 BTC

Germany Bitcoin

The German government, which has been selling its 50,000 Bitcoin holdings since June 19, has continued with new transfers on Wednesday. More than 5800 BTC worth $340 million were sent to market makers and exchanges.

The German government, which has sold nearly 30,000 Bitcoin so far, has withdrawn approximately 5800 BTC from its own wallet and transferred it to exchanges and market makers.

On-chain data shows that 5853 Bitcoin worth $340 million were sent to an address linked to Kraken, Coinbase, Flow Traders, Cumberland, and B2C2.

The German state currently holds 18,000 Bitcoin worth $1.1 billion. It is also noteworthy that the Bitcoin price did not fall after the Germans’ transfers.

Bitcoin is trading around $58,500 at the time of writing. The total amount of BTC seized from the pirate movie site Movie2k in 2020 was 50,000, and the Germans have melted more than half of this Bitcoin so far, mostly this week.

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