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% 0.02
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$2.17 T
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25 / 100
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% 53.3
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$2.17 T

Hamster Kombat Airdrop Tips

Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat, with over 100 million players clicking on Telegram to get a share of the upcoming airdrop, is a popular Telegram game that adds a fun twist to Notcoin’s clicker theme. In this game, you take on the role of a cryptocurrency exchange CEO who is also a hamster.

With the token launch on The Open Network planned for July, your clicks and upgrades can pay off. Notcoin was the biggest game token launch of the year, but Hamster Kombat has already attracted many more players.

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If you want to increase your in-game coin earnings and potentially achieve greater rewards, here are a few tips that can add millions of coins to your daily earnings:

Spend Money to Make Money

The core mechanic of Hamster Kombat is tapping the screen, but you can only reach a limited point by doing just that. Instead, click on the “Mining” button at the bottom of the screen and start buying upgrades for your exchange.

By investing in different markets, public relations, your team, and legal developments, along with special cards, you will slowly accumulate coins even when you are not playing. Spend money to make money.

Para Kazanmak Icin Para Harcayin

Follow and Increase Earnings

It’s beneficial to log in regularly every day to maximize your passive income and get a bigger share of airdrops. Follow and increase your earnings. Hamster Kombat accumulates free coins for only three hours in total when you are offline.

Complete Daily Tasks

To quickly increase your coin earnings, complete the daily tasks. Follow our social media accounts below to ensure you complete the tasks accurately. The game designates three special cards each day, and if you can purchase or upgrade these three specific items/cards before the next cycle, you will earn 5 million free coins from the daily tasks. It’s that easy.

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Invite Friends and Earn

If you have a few friends who can join and start playing with you, send them an invitation from within the game (under the “Friends” tab).

Claim Your Daily Reward

Under the Earnings tab, simply press the Daily Reward button under Daily Tasks and collect your free coins. It starts with just 500 coins on the first day, but if you play consistently, the reward eventually increases to 5 million on the 10th day. The daily amount resets after this, so it will be a slow climb towards seven-figure freebies.

Gunluk Odulunu Talep Edin

Complete Tasks

Under the Earnings tab, you will find opportunities to earn token rewards by watching Hamster Kombat videos on YouTube, joining the game’s Telegram announcement channel, or following the X account.

Solve Daily Codes

Unlike the daily combo, you do not need to spend coins or invite friends to earn a lot of free coins by entering the daily code. This is a daily Morse code entry that earns you 1 million coins. Follow us on our accounts below to learn the daily codes.

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