% 4.82
BTC Dominance:
% 0.35
Market Cap:
$2.21 T
% 1.97
Fear & Greed:
33 / 100
$ 62.705
BTC Dominance:
% 53.6
Market Cap:
$2.21 T

Justin Sun ’s Curious Crypto Portfolio!

Justin Sun

Justin Sun is one of the most recognized and controversial figures in the crypto world. Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX) and the de facto owner of the HTX exchange, is also a billionaire who invests heavily in cryptocurrencies. So, what cryptocurrencies does Sun have in his wallet and why does he have such a diverse portfolio?

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The total value of the cryptocurrencies that Sun owns is approximately $1.1 billion. The majority of his assets are in TRON, constituting 64% of his portfolio with a value of $697.61 million. Ethereum follows it with $361.99 million, corresponding to 33% of the total. BNB Chain and Arbitrum make up the rest of his portfolio with $38.74 million and $60.23 thousand respectively.

Justin Sun ‘s Portfolio

The composition of Sun’s portfolio is quite diverse and consists of different cryptocurrencies. The most prominent ones amongst them are:

  • WSTETH: Sun holds 168.556 WSTETH, worth $311.18 million. WSTETH represents staked ETH, a service provided by Lido Finance platform. Staked ETH is a mechanism that allows users to stake their ETH during the transition to Ethereum 2.0. ETH in staking earns interest for the users. However, staker cannot use them until the stake is unlocked. On the other hand, WSTETH is a token given in return for the staked ETH. Holding WSTETH allows owners to earn the interest income of staked ETH and also use or trade it on other platforms. The reason Sun holds WSTETH could be to support the Ethereum network and earn interest.
  • USDD: Justin Sun also has 301.511.000 USDD in his wallet, worth $301.51 million. USDD is a stablecoin that operates on the TRON network. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with stable or nearly stable prices. They are usually pegged to traditional currencies like the US dollar or commodities like gold. USDD is equivalent to the US dollar and always trades at 1 USDD = 1 USD. Sun may hold USDD to protect against cryptocurrency market fluctuations or easily convert it into other cryptocurrencies.
  • USDJ: Sun holds 191.357 million USDJ, worth $214.32 million. USDJ is another stablecoin operating on the TRON network. However, the difference of USDJ is that it is produced in a decentralized way. The creator of USDJ created it on JUST, TRON’s smart contract platform. Users can deposit TRX or other TRC-20 tokens into the JUST platform to receive USDJ in return. USDJ can be minted up to 150% of the value deposited tokens. Possible reasons Sun holds USDJ could be trust in decentralized stablecoins or to benefit from other services on the JUST platform.
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The reasons Sun diversifies his portfolio so much

In addition to TRX, BTT, JST, NFT, SUN, WIN, which are tokens native to the TRON network, Sun’s portfolio also includes popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, USDT.

  • Justin Sun is a visionary who believes in the future of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, by investing in different cryptocurrencies, he supports his own projects and contributes to the crypto ecosystem.
  • Sun is an entrepreneur who recognizes the potential of cryptocurrencies. Consequently, he invests in different cryptocurrencies with the aim of making a profit and capturing new opportunities.
  • Sun is an investor who is aware of the risks of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, by investing in different cryptocurrencies, he distributes the risk and strives to balance his portfolio.

In conclusion, Justin Sun’s cryptocurrency portfolio is a reflection of both himself and the crypto world. Sun’s portfolio demonstrates the diversity, dynamism, and potential of cryptocurrencies, as well as Sun’s vision, strategy, and passion.

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