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LayerZero Airdrop Checker Launched: 1.28 Million Wallets Eligible

Layerzero Sybil

The much-anticipated LayerZero airdrop is finally here, and users can now check their eligibility through a dedicated website launched by the LayerZero Foundation. LayerZero Labs CEO Bryan Pellegrino has also announced that a total of 1.28 million wallets have been selected for the airdrop.

In recent weeks, LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino had warned against the use of Sybil attacks (creating multiple accounts to gain more airdrop tokens), emphasizing that such attempts would be futile. The implementation of Sybil countermeasures had dampened expectations within the crypto community regarding the airdrop’s size.

Pellegrino, in an X post, shed light on the criteria considered for airdrop selection. User activity metrics such as transaction volume and early adoption played a significant role in determining eligibility.

In early May, Pellegrino had estimated that around 13% of wallets, translating to approximately 800,000, would be eligible for the airdrop. However, the actual number of selected wallets stands at 1.28 million, surpassing initial estimates by a significant margin.

While an official date has yet to be confirmed, LayerZero’s social media posts suggest that the airdrop is likely to take place on June 20th.

Pellegrino has also revealed that 23.8% of the 1 billion token supply will be distributed to the community and network developers. On the first day, only 8.5% of the tokens will be allocated to the community, with the remaining tokens being distributed over a 36-month period.

To check your eligibility for the LayerZero airdrop, visit the following website:

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