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Mark Cuban’s Gmail Account Hacked in Hoax Call Incident

Mark Cuban

Recently, the billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, has reported that he was googled and his account in the Gmail was locked after a deceptive call, and months before that, the investor lost over $800,000 in the cryptocurrency wallet. Cuban posted in an X post under the topic on June 22, “I just got hacked at my mcuban@gmail. com because someone named Noah at your 650-203-0000 called and said I had an intruder and spoofed Google’s recovery methods.” This approach usually entails making people reveal details about themselves or entry details inclusive of passwords as a result of interacting with a fake employee, in this case Google.

“If anyone gets anything from mcuban@gmail. com after 3:30pm pst it’s not me” Cuban told his 8. 8 million X followers. As positive messages continued to be received from enthralled members of the crypto fraternity, several others paid out rightly guessing the number of messages Cuban would be losing during his time of no access.

Community Reactions

“As soon as you got your access back please share a screenshot with the count of unread mails it should be 5 digits by now,” June 22, said Nick Percoco, chief security officer at Kraken, in an X post. Some of the users even debated whether Cuban’s X account had also been hacked. “Could it be that his X account has also been hacked by the hackers as well? Thats why they are trying to get more information,” wrote an anonymous user known as “Mickamious. ”

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This comes after a previous major hack in September 2023 where Cuban’s hot wallet was emptied of about $870,000. The hack was first reported by an independent blockchain analyst Wazz who observed some suspicious transactions of Cuban’s one of the wallet which remained inactive for nearly five months.

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Advocacy for Crypto Regulation

However, these acts of cybercrime are still rampant and Cuban continues to advocate for better legalisation on cryptocurrencies in the United States. Recently, he insisted that U. S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) control “all crypto,” as opposed to the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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