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Michael Saylor: Purchases in Bitcoin are More Than Sales!

Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has said that the demand for Bitcoin is much greater than the supply.

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Michael Saylor recently gave an interview to CNBC where he spoke about his belief and confidence in Bitcoin.

The CEO, who mentioned with the approval of the Spot Bitcoin ETF by the US, a demand that has existed but unseen for 10 years emerged, said that real money flow was provided to the market.

In addition, the demand from investors is 10 times higher compared to the Bitcoin supply, which is limited to 21 million.

A similar comment was previously made by Samson Mow (Pixelmatic CEO) and he explained this with an example. According to Mow, approximately 900 BTC were produced per day, but the spot Bitcoin ETF was buying 9000 BTC a day. This showed that the demand was approximately 10 times the supply.

Besides these, Michael Saylor also pointed out that Bitcoin offers a technology full of innovations, calling it a financial revolution.

He added that his company has objectives like buying more Bitcoin and playing a pioneering role in the network’s growth, and that they will brand in this field with their Bitcoin strategies.

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