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NEON EVM To Use SOL Instead Of Local Token

Neon Evm

Neon EVM is working to allow users to pay transaction fees with tokens other than the platform’s native token.

The new feature is currently live on the test network. It is planned to be launched on the Neon EVM’s Devnet in the coming weeks, as well as Mainnet support will be in 2024.

The platform is an Ethereum-based smart contract layer on Solana. According to the announcement from the platform, the new feature offers users transacting with Solana-based tokens such as SOL, USDC, and USDT the option to pay transaction fees with the transacting token instead of the native token. The platform will soon start supporting more tokens.

This feature also means that users can bridge tokens from Ethereum to Solana for use in Neon EVM ecosystem Dapps or services without the need for the NEON token.

The foundation’s director, Marina Guryeva, said in her statement,

We are excited to bring this significant development to the Neon EVM. This progress strengthens our commitment to providing unique flexibility to Dapps and lower transaction costs and convenience to users.

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The Birth of Neon

Neon EVM opened to access in July, allowing developers to create Ethereum-specific applications on Solana, and high-speed blockchain offered more scaling opportunities.

Neon’s application works as a smart contract built on top of Solana to deploy Ethereum EVM, something that was not previously possible on the network. The company aims to expand and grow its ecosystem by integrating more tokens in 2024.

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