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NiceHash and Marathon Digital Launch New Firmware for Home Crypto Miners


NiceHash, a cloud crypto mining platform, has unveiled a new firmware product featuring Marathon Digital’s created features, therefore enabling retail and home miners’ access to the mining company’s technologies. The fresh firmware will be promoted as NiceHash Firmware, powered by MARA.

Collaboration Brings Advanced Mining Features to Retail Users

Maintaining the greatest efficiency and market capitalization among Bitcoin miners worldwide, Marathon Digital mined 390 BTC in May. “This collaboration allows us to bring advanced safety and optimizing features to Bitcoin miners of all sizes, enhancing their performance and profitability,” Marathon Digital chief technology officer Ashu Swami said.

March saw Marathon Digital release the latest MARAFW firmware to its fleet of almost 200,000 ASICs and corporate customers. The Nice Hash Firmware Driven by MARA will be a unique offering integrating traits of both manufacturers. Using the NiceHash pool will cost users a 2% fee, or 1.4%*.

Key Features and Benefits of NiceHash Firmware Powered by MARA

NiceHash firmware fits several brands of application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) mining machines as well as ASIC administration tools. It can switch between several algorithms since efficiency changes depending on which one it uses. The program also enables dedicated algorithms; in April, Kadena (KDA) coin mining will be enabled by adding Blake’s algorithm.

Apart from temperature control and autotuning, the NiceHash program has a mobile app for offsite ASIC administration. The cooperation seeks to improve the profitability and performance of all-sized Bitcoin miners.

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Market Impact and Future Prospects for Crypto Mining

Since the half-reward per block increased by 50% in April, the profitability of crypto mining has been under intense observation. Though some have questioned the genuineness of his pro-crypto remarks, United States presidential candidate Donald Trump has shown support for the American crypto mining sector.

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Apart from providing mining tools and software, NiceHash runs a hashrate market whereby ASIC owners may sell their hash capacity for any coin NiceHash supports. Whether the buyer mines a block or not, the reward for blocks mined goes to the buyer; the average price of all orders in the NiceHash pool pays the seller, therefore lowering her risk.

Cooperation like the one between NiceHash and Marathon Digital will probably be quite important as the crypto mining sector develops to ensure advanced mining technologies are available to a larger audience, thereby perhaps increasing the general profitability and efficiency of the market.

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