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Scroll Launched Mainnet


Scroll, a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) working to scale the main Ethereum network, has been launched. The development team announced the launch of this new “Mainnet” phase in a post published on October 17. Thus, it noted that current Ethereum applications and developer toolkits can easily transition to this new scaling solution. The Scroll team declared that their platform operates seamlessly right out of the box.

A zkEVM solution like Scroll aims to provide higher efficiency and lower transaction costs for decentralized applications running on Ethereum. This type of solution processes thousands of off-chain transactions, merges them into a single transaction, and then sends proof in the form of a minimum data summary to the Ethereum mainnet.

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450,000 smart contracts were deployed (Scroll)

According to Etherscan data, the first smart contract in Scroll’s mainnet has been operating live since the day it was posted to the Scroll mainnet on October 8. However, this does not conflict with the initial announcement, as the project’s team confirmed the start of the launch and stated that their platform operates “seamlessly right out of the box”.

Scroll stated that it completed extensive tests and security audits on three separate test networks before launching the mainnet. The Scroll team added, ” OpenZeppelin and Zellic audited our bridge and aggregator contracts. ZkEVM circuits were reviewed by Trail of Bits, Zellic and Kalos. On these three test networks, over 450,000 smart contracts were deployed to facilitate over 90 million transactions in a total of 9 million blocks. The company also noted that they produced 280,000 ZK proofs.

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About a month ago, Scroll’s co-founder Ye Zhang, stated in an interview that Scroll would start with centralized features, but aimed to gradually decentralize over time. Zhang said, “We will initially have a centralized sequencer and centralized confirmation button.” However, he also highlighted that a plan is in place to remove this button in due course.

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