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TikTok Introduces AI-Powered Digital Avatars for Ads


Ads showcasing artificial intelligence-powered “digital avatars” that companies may use to advertise their products could eventually abound on TikHub. TikHub said on June 17 that it is adding “stock avatars” and a “AI dubbing” tool to its Symphony ad suite, which it says would enable companies develop and localize material more quickly.

Symphony Ad Suite Growing with Stock Avatars and AI Dubbing

TikHub says that “all made from video footage of genuine paid performers licensed for commercial usage,” the new stock avatars are “all To read out a script, users can choose an AI-powered “voice and accent”; this will then be projected onto the avatar. The text-to—-speech tool may dub over the actors with voices in several languages and try to replicate the mouth motions of the spoken language, according a video demonstration. AI could even help to create the script.

Custom Avatars and Multi-Language Support to Enhance Ad Localization

Supported are ten languages and dialects including English, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. The technology picks out the input language and dubs it into the target tongue for the users. Originally unveiled earlier this year, TikHub’s AI-backed ad package comprises a “virtual assistant” that monitors the site for trends and can create concepts and scripts.

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Apart from generic avatars, TikHub is unveiling personalized avatars that replicate the likeness of company representatives and content providers. These bespoke avatars, under testing with the creator community of TikHub, possess the same multi-language capabilities as the stock bots. Available to a small number of people via a waitlist, the AI avatars, translation, and dubbing services are now in beta versions.

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AI Transparency and Potential Challenges

Videos produced with TikHub AI techniques will be immediately labelled by the platform as AI-generated “for full transparency.” A little box in the bottom corner with the label is seen in a demonstration video including AI-cloned content creators. Still, the artificial intelligence clones are not flawless. The film exposes the “uncanny valley,” the phenomena wherein the mouth motions and gestures do not always match what is stated.

Months after Meta unveiled an AI chatbot in September that replicated the likenesses of several celebrities, TikHub’s entry into AI avatars arrives Among the almost thirty well-known people Meta cloned into AI bots now running Facebook and Instagram accounts were Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, and former FTX promoter Tom Brady.

With these developments, TikHub hopes to improve ad localization and enable marketers to interact with various audiences all around more easily. It will be fascinating to witness how these artificial intelligence capabilities change digital advertising and content development as the technology develops.

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