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Top 10 Altcoins Developers Are Most Focused On This Week

Bitcoin And Altcoins Are Soaring! What Are Investors Expecting?

Cryptocurrency analysts have determined the altcoin networks that developers have been working on the most this week. Here is the full list.

This week, there was a general downward trend for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Data shows that the altcoin with the highest number of developers, by far, is Ethereum with 2,498 people. Polkadot is in second place with 839 developers, followed by Polygon with 836 developers.

Cosmos is in fourth place with 754 developers, and Arbitrum is in fifth place with 615 developers.

While the number of developers is an important metric, it is also important to consider how much these developers are working on the respective altcoins. According to the data, Ethereum was again the altcoin with the most code changes made by developers in the past week, with 16,430 commits. Polkadot is in second place with 5,226 commits, similar to its ranking in terms of the number of developers.

BNB Chain is in third place with 4,957 commits, despite its lower ranking in terms of the number of developers.

Cosmos is in fourth place with 4,680 commits, and Polygon is in fifth place with 4,626 commits.

Other altcoins in the top ten include Optimism, Arbitrum, NEAR, Celo, and Kusama.

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