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Trump Gains Support from Key Crypto and TradFi Players for 2024 Election

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is turning into the most favored candidate by critical actors into the cryptocurrencity industry and TradFi. Thus, the Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood, another optimistic of Trump for the 2024 presidency elections, said she would vote for “who going to do the best job for our economy.”

Endorsements and Crypto Support

The nod from Wood may help Trump lock down his label as a “pro-growth and pro-business’ candidate for the November polls, said Bitfinex analysts. Besides Trump, the founders of Gemini, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have both donated $1 million in BTC for the campaign of the former U. S. president.

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On June 20 X posts, the Winklevoss stated their support for Trump as the former is pro-Bitcoin and pro-crypto Critics continue to note that Biden openly declared war on crypto while still in office. The part of the Bitcoins, equivalent to $110,000, were returned to the donors because it exceeded the federal statutory maximum limit of $844,600 per individual donor, which shows that the Winklevoss twins have bequeathed their full support to the emergence of the new industry of digital currency. Still, it must be said that information whether the excess amount was returned in Bitcoin or cash remained unknown.

Trump’s Shift Towards Crypto-Friendly Policies

In another change of tune regarding cryptos, on May 21, Trump said his campaign for the 2024 presidency will accept donations in cryptos. According to Bitfinex analysts, many have pointed out that Trump has been Crypto-friendly due to the support he has given to crypto friendly policies that has seen him earn the nickname “Crypto President. ”

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The return of Trump to power might prove as a more positive change in prospects for the United States crypto market to become more innovative and permissive to the general use by the public. Trump advisors anticipate that if Trump becomes President, he may focus on establishing appropriate and business-friendly environment in this sphere and supporting initiative and investments in the world of cryptocurrencies at the same time. These could eventually mean that there will be more acceptance of the consumer digital assets and subsequently integration of the cryptocurrencies into the financial system hence more growth of the industry.

Industry Perspectives

Nevertheless, Jason Allegrante, chief legal and compliance officer of Fireblocks, pointed out that those innovations are beyond political elections and belonging to any political party.

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