% 4.44
BTC Dominance:
% 0.35
Market Cap:
$2.21 T
% 1.97
Fear & Greed:
33 / 100
$ 62.604
BTC Dominance:
% 53.6
Market Cap:
$2.21 T

Upbit Lists New Digital Assets in BTC and USDT Markets


On June 17, 2024, the following digital assets will be added to the BTC and USDT markets on Upbit.

GAS (Gas)

GAS is one of the two tokens that make up the NEO blockchain along with NEO. It is used as a fee for implementing and operating smart contract functions on the NEO blockchain and as an incentive.

Website: GAS Official Website
X (formerly Twitter): GAS Official X

GAME2 (GameBuild)

GameBuild is a platform that helps game developers efficiently manage digital assets and generate revenue, providing game building and analytics features, connecting Web2 and Web3 games, placing ads in games, and monitoring on-chain data. GAME2 is the governance and utility token of GameBuild, used for governance voting and platform transactions.

Website: GAME2 Official Website
X (formerly Twitter): GAME2 Official X

NEO (Neo)

NEO is a public blockchain platform that first adopted the Dual Token Mechanism. Under this mechanism, the rights to participate in governance and use the network are separated. The NEO token (NEO) is used for governance participation rights, and each block generates a certain amount of GAS tokens. The GAS generated in blocks is redistributed to nodes participating in the consensus process, providing economic incentives for network participation.

Website: NEO Foundation Official Website
X (formerly Twitter): NEO Foundation Official X

SOL (Solana)

Solana is a mainnet project that has established an ecosystem for DApps (decentralized applications) based on its fast transaction processing speed and low fees compared to other blockchains. The Solana token (SOL) is used for fees, staking, and governance participation.

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Website: SOL Official Website
X (formerly Twitter): SOL Official X

TT (ThunderCore)

ThunderCore (TT) started with the goal of acting as a blockchain platform like Ethereum, addressing Ethereum’s scalability issues while being compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It mainly attracts game-related DApps (decentralized applications). ThunderCore (TT) is used as a fee or value storage for transactions within the blockchain.

Website: TT Official Website
X (formerly Twitter): TT Official X


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