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US CPI Data Release: A Crucial Day for Bitcoin


Although this week has been a significant one for Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, US inflation numbers will be released today.

Investors in Bitcoin will also pay great attention to these statistics. CPI statistics arriving in at or below estimates will raise the likelihood that the FED will lower its first interest rate in September. A potential interest rate reduction will help to encourage the increase in bitcoin and crypto values even further.

Investing statistics show that although the past CPI data was 3.3%, the projection is 3.1%. This scenario indicates that inflation will lower.

Expectations of June CPI Inflation:

1. TD Securities: %3,0
2. Barclays: %3,1
3. Citigroup: %3,1
4. Factset Consensus: %3,1
5. Kalshi: %3,1
6. UBS: %3,1
7. Bank of America %3,2
8. Goldman Sachs: %3,2
9. Morgan Stanley %3,2

Should CPI statistics reflect expectations (3.1%), inflation will have dropped to its lowest level since January 2024.

After about three years, a CPI data point below 3.0% will once again be noticed. Since the CPI dropped last month below 3.0%, Stated differently, inflation has been above 3.0% for 38 months uninterrupted without pause.

Today at 12:30 UTC, US inflation numbers for June will be revealed.


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