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$2.34 T

VeChain’s X Account Hacked, Airdrop Scam Propagated


The official Twitter account of VeChain (VET), a decentralized blockchain platform, was hacked by cyber attackers. The VeChain X account was hacked earlier today, and the attackers posted a fake tweet claiming that 500 million VET had been distributed on January 10, 2024 at 15:30 UTC.

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The scammers used a well-known method, “We will send you twice as many tokens as you send us,” in the fake tweet. The tweet directed users to an address starting with “0x79D80” and completely controlled by the scammers, with wishful expressions about how many VET they would receive in return for how many VET they sent.

The sharing made through this popular X(Twitter) account took place on a platform with over half a million followers. At the same time, hackers who recently hacked the X account of the DeFi protocol RocketPool (RPL) claimed that the network was under attack and called on users to transfer their cryptocurrencies to the specified address.

Investors should be careful and avoid interacting with the cryptocurrency address shared by hackers in any way. It is important to be careful and aware of such fraudulent attempts for the security of crypto assets.

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