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Worldcoin Registers Over 9K Argentina Users in a Single Day

Worldcoin Argentina Users

The iris-scanning initiative in Argentina witnessed an unprecedented surge in sign-ups, with an astonishing average of one new user every nine seconds. Additionally, the Worldcoin Human ID project achieved a remarkable milestone by enrolling over 9,500 users in Argentina on a single day in August, setting a remarkable record for daily registrations. This remarkable accomplishment became possible as facilitators efficiently onboarded participants in less than nine seconds per person, as the project announced on August 31st.

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In Argentina, Worldcoin has established a presence in 38 different locations, primarily concentrated in the capital city of Buenos Aires, according to information available on the project’s website.

Worldcoin’s Impact and Controversy in Argentina

Worldcoin, with its groundbreaking approach to blockchain technology, is making significant strides in Argentina, where it is successfully authenticating users through iris scanning, granting them valuable “World IDs.” This initiative has rapidly attracted a growing community of users in Argentina, aligning with Sam Altman‘s vision of addressing the evolving landscape where AI programs increasingly blur the boundaries between humans and machines.

Worldcoin marked its debut on July 25th and swiftly attracted the attention of data privacy advocates, who argued that the project’s excessive centralization posed a risk of leaking users’ biometric data, potentially exposing individuals to adverse consequences.

In their August 31st update, the project team reported that despite the controversy, many Argentinians were still signing up for World IDs. They noted, “There was a significant increase in demand for World ID verifications in countries around the world (after the launch), which continued into August, resulting in 9,500 Argentinians verifying their World ID in a single day.”

Worldcoin’s Remarkable Surge in Argentine Sign-Ups

Worldcoin Argentina Users

The post also highlighted that this surge in registrations briefly propelled the Worldcoin app to become the top-ranked app on the Argentinian App Store.

Worldcoin incentivizes new users with its native coin, WLD, following registration. Currently, the sign-up bonus stands at 25 WLD, which equates to approximately 10,239.48 Argentine pesos (ARS) or $29.25 in the open market. According to cost-of-living data from the travel website Expatistan, this amount is sufficient to cover two meals from the “basic lunchtime menu” in business districts of major Argentine cities. On its launch day, the coin reached an all-time high, with the 25 WLD bonus being valued at approximately 23,791 ARS, or $68.

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Controversy and Challenges for Worldcoin

The project asserts that it fully complies with all legal regulations governing the collection and transfer of biometric data. In response to criticism, the Argentine government initiated an investigation into Worldcoin’s privacy practices. Additionally, Worldcoin has faced suspension in Kenya, prompting the Worldcoin team to provide a document arguing their compliance with privacy laws in the country.

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