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Wormhole (W) Announces Airdrop Event!

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An important role in communication in the Web3 world, facilitating data transfer between block chains, Wormhole announced its airdrop event. Here are the details!

What is Wormhole (W)?

Wormhole is an interoperability platform that strengthens multi-chain applications and large-scale bridges. Wormhole, which allows data transfer, allows smart contracts and applications written on block chains to interact with each other and provides cross-chain functionality.

The Wormhole platform is being developed by a decentralized team that contributes to security, engineering, research, product development, ecosystem growth and the community.

Wormhole is Becoming More Decentralized!

Wormhole is becoming more decentralized. In the announcement made by the team, an upcoming airdrop event of the local token of the ecosystem, W, was announced.

This announced token release plan contains detailed information about the amount allocated to stakeholders in the Wormhole ecosystem and future benefits.

The team shared that the plans made about the token creation event (TGE), wide distribution, and the use of W are an important step to move Wormhole into a decentralized and permissionless future.

What are the Airdrop Details?

This announced launch airdrop was planned to meaningfully decentralize the protocol from the beginning.

W; Initially, it has a 10 billion token supply with 1.8 billion in circulation, distributed in ERC20 and SPL formats on 5 start chains including Ethereum, Solana, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base.

The token will be distributed into six main categories; protective nodes, community and launch, core contributors, ecosystem and incubation, strategic network participants, and foundation treasury. Initially, 82% of it will be locked and set to be unlocked over four years.

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This designed token distribution structure is designed to support the long-term success, stability, and decentralization of Wormhole.

Wormhole Tokenomics

W was Distributed to 397,704 Wallets!

In this announced airdrop event, 6.17% of the W supply (617,305,000 units) were allocated to the community and distributed to 397,704 wallets.

The Airdrop includes about 117,305,000 W for Discord users, various NFT communities, the Monad community, and those who stake Pyth, as well as 500,000,000 W for users using Wormhole ecosystem applications on more than 30 Wormhole-linked block chains.

This airdrop was designed to appreciate and reward Wormhole users.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Eligibility!

After clicking here, you can check your eligibility by connecting your wallet to the page opened.

When reward claiming is enabled, users will be able to use the same interface to claim their rewards.Wormhole-Airdrop


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