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Netflix Series Budget Invested in Dogecoin! (4 Million Dollars)


Netflix ‘s sci-fi series director, Conquest, has set aside 4 million dollars from the series budget to invest in Dogecoin.

According to news that emerged on November 22, Rinsch demanded an extra 14 million dollars from Netflix based on a secret arbitration lawsuit.

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In the released news, Rinsch’s behind-the-scenes developments in the Conquest series broadcast on Netflix are described. Also, the series, for which a budget of 55 million dollars has been allocated, has not yet aired a single episode.

In March 2020, Netflix provided 44 million dollars as an initial budget by buying Rinsch’s idea. However, 16 months later, the series’ director made another funding request. Also, Netflix sent an additional 11 million dollars on the condition of completing the series.

Some financial tables show that Rinsch allegedly lost about 6 million dollars in a few weeks by playing option bets on pharmaceutical companies and the S&P 500 using the 10.5 million dollars of this new fund in the stock market.

This situation reveals a crazy story full of various financial developments, from the 44 million-dollar initial budget that the series platform spent on the Conquest series to the income Rinsch obtained with his Dogecoin bets.

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