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$2.43 T
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% 54.3
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$2.43 T

$80 Million Hack Attack on Orbit Bridge!

Orbit Bridge
Orbit Bridge has been targeted by an unknown attacker, resulting in the theft of 80 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency from the platform.
Using new wallets for WBTC, USDT, USDC, and DAI, the attacker successfully transferred 9,500 ETH (21.7 million USD) from Orbit to an unknown wallet. The hack originated from a vulnerability noticed during test transactions.
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The Orbit Bridge team has not yet made an official statement, but it is claimed that the total loss exceeds 80 million dollars. This could potentially be one of the largest cross-chain bridge hacks in history.
Users are advised not to use the service until the next announcement and to monitor their wallets for suspicious activities.
Just three hours ago, hackers exploiting the Orbit Bridge, the bridging service of Orbit Chain, carried out an 82 million dollar exploit. The hackers transferred assets such as Tether, USD Coin, Ether, Wrapped Bitcoin, and DAI to new wallets.
The Orbit Chain protocol has strong connections with the Klaytn network, a modular layer-1 blockchain. The nature of the exploit is yet to be determined.
No statement has been received from Orbit Chain and Klaytn yet. Cryptocurrency users are urged to be cautious for their security and monitor suspicious activities.

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