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90 ETH Stolen Victims Started to Get Their Funds Back!

The hacker’s wallet containing $100,000 worth of USDT has been blacklisted and frozen! The victim had about $170,000 worth of NFTs and other assets drained. 90 ETH is worth approximately $166,000.

With the involvement of police and cyber authorities, this person, whose 90 ETH worth of assets were stolen, reached the hacker’s tether address! This address was quickly blacklisted by the authorities so that they could recover most of the funds.

The victim, who tweets on X (Twitter) under the username @l3yum, first had his wallet emptied by the hacker on March 16. The hacker stole cryptocurrencies and NFTs from small projects, which were immediately traded or sold.

On August 11, @l3yum tweeted that his Ethereum-based USDT address had been blacklisted. ‘I’m grateful that the police officer helped me even though he didn’t know anything about cryptocurrency,’ he said.

We mentioned that 90 ETH was worth $166,000. The blacklisted wallet had USDT worth $107,306. Therefore, it was thought that not all of the stolen funds could be recovered. Although it is not entirely clear whether the victim will be able to recover the full amount, previously, the USDT of blacklisted wallets was burned and the equivalent amount of the asset was returned to the owner. L3yum confirmed that this is a possible route.

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The blacklisting of a USDT wallet address by Tether follows a court order.

It is not yet known how the hacker gained access to the wallet key in March. Various guesses suggest that the victim either changed the SIM card in his phone or backed up the wallet address in iCloud. The last reason is that perhaps the victim was using his wallet on several devices!

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