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A Bitcoin Wallet Attracted Attention After Its Transfer

Btc Yen

A wallet that had been sleeping since the time when Bitcoin was around $900 transferred $44 million worth of Bitcoin to another wallet. This wallet had not moved for 10.3 years and last received these Bitcoins on January 12, 2014. Although there is no detailed information about the reason for the transfer, the Bitcoin price was $917 when this transaction was made. Transfers of the wallet were carried out around 7.30 GMT.

Recently, wallets from the Satoshi Nakamoto era that have been dormant for many years have also been observed to move. For example, in April, a wallet that earned 50 BTC during the first mining periods and has been dormant since then transferred its Bitcoins to the Coinbase exchange. It is thought that this transfer was made for sale purposes. Similarly, in March, a wallet that had been dormant for years and was one of the 5th largest wallets in the Bitcoin blockchain also sent its Bitcoins to another address.

Experts state that some of these types of transfers are a transition from old-style wallets to new-type wallets. However, it is thought that some transfers, and especially sales, may be related to the discovery of wallet passwords years later.

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