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“AI Tokens Currently Over-Hyped, Lack Real Value”

Ai Tokens

According to a recent report by Coinbase, while certain crypto-AI tokens yield profitable trades, doubts linger regarding the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem.

Despite ongoing exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) across various industries, a Coinbase research report suggests that AI-related tokens may be over-hyped in the short and medium term.

The surge in popularity of generative AI has led to the emergence of niche crypto sub-ecosystems. However, Coinbase research analyst David Han expresses caution regarding the long-term viability of most AI tokens, citing the rapid changes in AI technology.

A primary challenge facing crypto AI projects lies in the core technologies of both fields. While crypto projects often prioritize decentralization, the current AI landscape relies heavily on centralized components and data sources, argues Han.

Moreover, many projects in the niche struggle to attract investors, resulting in under-indexed capital allocation.

The report identifies two opportunities for the crypto AI ecosystem: enhancing blockchain data for human-readable transactions and aiding in the decentralization of predominantly centralized AI infrastructure. However, Han emphasizes that the envisioned decentralized AI future is not guaranteed, given the uncertainty surrounding the AI industry itself.

Despite the skepticism, several AI tokens have recently outperformed Bitcoin and major stocks like Nvidia and Microsoft. Coinbase attributes this to market sentiment within the broader crypto market, supported by AI-related news headlines.

While the crypto AI narrative could strengthen amid continued positive market conditions, Coinbase suggests that achieving “meaningful adoption” will require more than just decentralizing AI components.

It’s important to note that the AI ecosystem is still in its infancy and must understand the underlying trading narrative to provide a comparable alternative to today’s crypto assets.

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Coinciding with Coinbase’s suggestions for meaningful developments in the crypto AI sphere, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently highlighted AI’s potential role in addressing technical challenges within the Ethereum network. He expressed excitement for AI-powered auditing to identify and fix buggy code, describing it as the “biggest technical risk” to the network.

As of March 8, AI tokens collectively hold a market capitalization of $51.18 billion, serving AI-based projects, applications, and services, including decentralized AI marketplaces, AI-powered trading algorithms, and AI-driven decentralized autonomous organizations, among others.

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