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AirDAO Builder Meeting


AirDAO builder meeting will take place at Istanbul Point Hotel between 09:00-11:00 on November 14.

What is AirDAO?

It is referred to as a ultimate crypto dashboard for all your crypto needs. AirDAO Bridge- Bridge your AMB tokens safely between BNB Chain or Ethereum networks or allows you to bring liquidity to the Ambrosus Network.

Meeting Content

  1. Presentation of our ecosystem roadmap
  2. Showcase of the projects we want developers to build
  3. Convey your ideas for Web3 projects to us
  4. Help apply to develop at AirDAO
  5. Details about the support you will receive for developing at AirDAO

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What’s The Purpose of It

They aim to lead the DeFi revolution and create a democratized future for web3. Also they want to remove all existing barriers and make crypto accessible to everyone. They are also aiming to establish the dream blockchain that every developer can build on.

To register for the AirDAO meeting, click here.

AirDAO Management

The council they established is run by nine members each selected from and by the community. They defend the path they follow with the following sentences: “Our commitment to community collaboration, education, and transparency distinguishes us from all other blockchain ecosystems.”

They believe that the first-layer blockchain, which is 100% uninterrupted in its operating time, not only operates regularly but also can be utilized in the future with high scalability, low fees, and fast transactions.

How do I get Support?

If you have an idea and asking yourself how to find cash support or investor support, AirDAO can be a mediator for this. It gives you all the support and resources you need to bring your ideas to life at AirDAO. They commit to establishing a million-dollar ecosystem development fund with their business partners, DWF Labs. Moreover, you won’t only get funds, but you will also receive special support from Inc4, the industry-leading blockchain developer and development partner of AirDAO.

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