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Analyst Says: Spot ETFs Key to Crypto Market Surge

Td Cowen Etfs

The respected figure in the business has announced two major catalysts which could drive cryptocurrency market growth.

Lance Vitanza, an analyst from the investment bank TD Cowen, pointed out two crucial drivers that could initiate a new cycle of positivity in the crypto market.

One of such drivers, according to the analyst, will be the repositioning of more spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the future. The expert further said that new life would be given to the industry due to the growth of institutional adoption and acceleration of money flow.

Yet, he emphasized that this second catalyst is as crucial as the first one. He predicted that if spot Ethereum ETFs, which have been the topic of discussion in recent days, are allowed by the SEC, there may be jaw-dropping increases for alternative cryptocurrencies.

This is important as despite the future of Ethereum being unknown until 2025 or even further into the future, we think there is a significant amount of capital waiting for a digital winner to be revealed.

P.S This text does not contain investment advice

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