% 0.16
BTC Dominance:
% 0.22
Market Cap:
$2.34 T
% 1.02
Fear & Greed:
63 / 100
$ 64.271
BTC Dominance:
% 54.0
Market Cap:
$2.34 T

Analysts Expect Correction in Bitcoin Prior to Halving!


Analysts are expecting a fall rather than a rise as Bitcoin ‘s Halving approaches. Bitcoin falling under 62,000 dollars supports this case.

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Charles Edwards, the founder of Capriole Fund, believes that such price movements are quite normal in the current period, also stating that the best profit period for investors is the year following the Halving.

Later, there was another statement from a prominent analyst. CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju predicts that Spot Bitcoin ETFs are more prominent in the market than Halving. According to the CEO, the market is more positively affected by ETF news.

Analyst Rekt Capital, who expects a decline, says that Bitcoin’s price will fall even further, and investors will think that the Bull rally is over. However, he also says that such corrections are normal in historical Halving cycles.

In fact, the BTC price had experienced a drop of about 50% due to the COVID-19 pandemic before the Halving in 2020, causing the market to be heavily affected. Similarly, there was a similar situation in 2016. Before the 2017 Bitcoin Halving, BTC again had a correction, showing a drop of 33%.

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So even if the current situation resembles the past, considering the ETFs and BTC’s current price, we might see different scenarios from past Bitcoin Halvings.

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