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Analysts Predict DOGE Could Reach $100 Amid Volatility


Dogecoin (DOGE) has been a top-ranking cryptocurrency since 2021. The token has raised tens of billions and surged more than 27 000% since its inception.

Though the token lost value since the highs, its performance remained strong in 2024. Some anticipate the growth. Some analysts predict DOGE might hit $100 or higher.

The Dogecoin Just Getting Started’ study on TradingView depicts detailed charting patterns that could take it to $100 DOGE. The table uses Bitcoin halvings as an indicator of a repeating pattern where DOGE rises after the halving, makes a new high 12 to 18 months later, then declines exponentially before gapping up at the next halving to create a new high.

This configuration, together with the current cycle and price level, points to the target price of $27 for the next all-time high. DOGE could go as high as $27 by October and then drop to $2.60 in 2025.

The next halving should take place in the first half of 2028. This value spike could take DOGE to $100 again.

An analysis indicates that this cycle may be unique.

“Possibly more volatility.” The four-year cycle may be compressed as the gains accelerate and long-drawn bear markets reassert themselves. TradingView analyst: Dogecoin may peak in October 2024, followed by other alts.

DOGE must also face some other events to get to $100, the analyst says.

“If hyperbitcoinization occurs as a result of a dollar index breakdown and embarks on a decade-long downward trend, then DOGE will go even higher than $27, possibly to $100 and beyond.”

The $100 DOGE projection is based on hyperbitcoinization, where bitcoin beats traditional money. That is improbable by 2028 but could occur afterwards. Given that, a $100 DOGE is possible but not in the analyst’s books.

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