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$2.48 T

Another Crypto Platform Hacked!

Curve Finance Hacked

Popular cryptocurrency platform Arkham Intelligence has reported that the UwU Lend protocol was recently hacked.

According to Arkham Intelligence, attackers managed to steal approximately $20 million worth of cryptocurrency.

Attacker Converts Stolen Funds to Ethereum (ETH)!

In addition to Arkham, on-chain security company Cyvers confirmed the hack. Cyvers reported that the attacker is converting the stolen funds to Ethereum (ETH).

“Our system detected a series of suspicious transactions related to UwU Lend.

The attacker conducted 3 transactions, obtaining approximately $19.5 million. However, the hack is still ongoing, and the amount could increase. Currently, the attacker is converting the stolen digital assets to Ethereum (ETH).”

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