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Atomic Wallet Made a Statement for a $100 Million Attack

Tempory 16

The Estonia company that owns the US-based Atomic Wallet’ requested a lawsuit dismissal from the US court for damages arising from a $100 million attack. The company claimed the trial should take place in Estonia.

The company registered in Estonia defended in the lawsuit dismissal request presented to the Colorado District Court on November 16 that it had no relation with the US and that all lawsuits to be filed according to the end user license agreement should be held in Estonia. Atomic pointed out that only one user in Colorado was affected by this case.

The company additionally claimed they were not responsible for the losses suffered as a result of theft by 5,500 Atomic users due to the Service Terms Guarantee, and the damages were limited to $50 per user.

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The Estonia company owning Atomic Wallet claimed they had no legal liabilities to protect against hacking and ensure the security of Atomic Wallet, therefore, there was no legal basis for negligence claims. A statement was made stating “This court has rejected similar claims on several occasions because Colorado does not accept such a duty”. The plaintiff’s fraudulent statement allegations were also rejected by the Estonia-based wallet provider.

The plaintiffs initiated the class action process in August. This refers to a process two months after an abuse case of $100 million affecting more than 5,500 users of Atomic Wallet occurred. Both North Korean and Ukrainian groups took responsibility for the attack.

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