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Avalanche Foundation Reveals Its 5 Initial Memecoin Holdings


The Avalanche Foundation has unveiled the initial five “community coins” it holds, supporting the Avalanche blockchain network. These meme coins, part of the Foundation’s “community coins holdings,” include Coq Inu, Gecko, Kimbo, NoChill, and Tech. Their inclusion in the portfolio aligns with the Foundation’s Culture Catalyst program aimed at nurturing web3 creators.

Last year, the foundation announced its intention to acquire community coins specific to the Avalanche network, selecting coins based on high community value and adherence to Foundation guidelines. These guidelines prioritize aspects such as fairness in launch, resistance to snipe bots, security measures, a substantial number of holders, low ownership concentration, liquidity provision, and certain criteria related to lifespan, market cap, and trading volume.

The Foundation is also exploring ERC-404 tokens for potential inclusion in its community coin holdings, indicating a commitment to expanding and diversifying its portfolio. It emphasizes the possibility of adjusting its coin holdings and eligibility criteria in the future to better serve the community and uphold fair Web3 practices.

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