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Base Network Makes Code Repositories Open Source!

Base Network

Coinbase’s Layer 2 network Base has open-sourced its code repositories to increase transparency and open the project to public contributions.

According to the announcement, developers will now be able to access the core code that enables various processes, also including contracts and other deployments. In its statement, Base said, “We ensure that we fulfill our commitments by openly sharing our work and allowing the community to track our progress.

This transparency also serves as a catalyst for collaboration, as it allows developers to benefit from our knowledge base and improve what is already available. It also provides a channel for valuable feedback from the community, whether to improve documentation or identify an overlooked error.

Along with this, Senior Software Engineer at Base Anika Raghuvanshi,

Supporting open source has been one of our fundamental principles since we announced the test network at the beginning of the year.

Our goal is to be decentralized, permissionless and open to everyone. We joined Optimism as a Core Developer at Open Source OP Stack and using Base’s contracts and front-ends open source is a continuation of our commitment to building public technology.

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Smart Contract Transparency

The Base Network team aims to provide developers with more transparency in development by using smart contract repositories as open source. Additionally all contracts are now public on GitHub, providing information on various chain-based actions ranging from contract deployments to upgrades.

The use of open source is an important concept in the crypto industry and is a critical part of this concept. Also this process provides transparency over operations and allows for community-based auditing, allowing security vulnerabilities to be seen and corrected more quickly.

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