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Binance lays off over 1,000 employees. CZ declared.

Binance lays off employees more than 1,000 reported on Friday. According to Forbes, the company made the most laying off this year. In addition, the crypto company has already been in trouble with SEC. Also, it came face to face with this FUD news. This news made users of Binance think that the situation is too bad for them. Besides, One of the previous Binance employers indicate that the customer service in the company is affected too much because of laying off.

Furthermore, high-profile employees like managers have left the company recently. As it is known, Binance has BinanceUS in the USA. After the SEC case, the share of the company in the crypto industry decreased. It was also reported that the company went downsizing because it focused on talent density in the company according to CZ. It is thought that this situation can be useful but If the laying off goes on, the crypto industry can receive very big damage.

CZ quickly type a tweet about this news in order to reject that situation. CZ told that Binance has had 8,000 employees in the last 6 years. Also, when the CZ started to this business they had just six people.

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CZ denied that Binance lays off employees

the CEO of Binance tweeted immediately after the news appeared. CZ evaluated, this is FUD news. He said that hiring is still going on. In addition, he accepted that Binance lays off employees, but he denied the number is 1,000 people. Besides, he explained that Binance is laying off to grow the company’s talent concentration.


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